Sunday, October 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Sarah

Want to honor Sarah on her birthday?
Donate to SFA Texas by clicking here.

Sarah's birthday is on October 19. She would be turning 29 years old this year. Donating to SFA Texas to help achieve her named grant would be such a wonderful way to honor her on this special day.

Your donation will not only help Sarah's name live on, but also support Sarcoma research to help put an end to this cruel disease. Happy birthday, Sarah. Every time I eat a persimmon I think of you since you introduced me to them on your last birthday. :)
You are deeply missed.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ways to Donate

Want to donate to SFA Texas and the Sarah Chidgey Hughes fund but aren't sure how? There are several ways:

1. Donate online. Click here for our online donation page. The "event" box is already checked and filled in with "Sarah Chidgey Hughes Fund", so all you need to do is select how much you'd like to donate, and fill in your information!

2. Write a check. Make checks payable to "Sarcoma Foundation of America- TX" and in the memo line write "Sarah Chidgey Hughes" so we know the money is meant for her named research grant. Mail checks or cash to:

Bryan Brooks

2727 Allen Parkway
Ste. 1850

Houston, TX 77019

3. Donate used electronics. Click here
(or on the Gazelle link on the right sidebar) for our used electronics donation page. If you have any old electronics lying around taking up space, turn them into a monetary donation and feel good that you used it for charity rather than throwing it out or letting it junk up a drawer. I just donated a used cell phone and it was so simple!

Any questions? We are more than happy to answer them. Just leave a comment or send us an email at

Remember, no donation is too small or too large. If 5,000 people donated $10, we'd be at our goal! 5,000 people isn't that many when you consider how HUGE Texas is! Let's work together and make this happen! As always, your donations and support are so appreciated. Thank you!