About SFA

The Mission
The mission of the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA) is to advocate for increased research to find new and better therapies with which to treat patients with Sarcoma. The organization raises money to privately fund grants for Sarcoma researchers and conducts education and advocacy efforts on behalf of Sarcoma patients.

The Texas Chapter's current goal is to raise money to start a named Sarcoma research grant in honor of Sarah Chidgey Hughes. Learn the details of this in the tab above marked with her name.

SFA Goals
Eliminate pain and suffering due to Sarcoma by:
  •  Funding translational research grants that will lead to new Sarcoma therapies.
  • Advocating for increased government funding against Sarcoma
  • Creating alliances with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries to rapidly develop new and better Sarcoma treatments.
  • Increasing public awareness regarding early detection of Sarcoma.
  • Educating Sarcoma patients regarding access to optimal Sarcoma care.
  • Advocating for early access by Sarcoma patients to promising agents developed for other cancer types.
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