What is Sarcoma?

Sarcoma is Cancer.

Sarcoma is a deadly cancer of the connective tissues (i.e. bones, muscles, fat, nerves, tendons). It is relatively rare, affecting approximately 12,000 Americans each year, and represents only 1% of all newly diagnosed cancers. It is more prevalent in young adults and children, accounting for 15% of all pediatric cancers (that is, 15% of the 2% of all pediatric cancers...98% of all cancers affect adults). Clear as mud? 

Unfortunately these statistics mean that Sarcoma often does not receive the attention it needs for scientific research (compared to other cancers) to discover and develop new and effective therapies to treat it and to help save lives. The Sarcoma Foundation of America provides grants to the best Sarcoma research scientists in pursuit of "finding a cure in our time."

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